Stop -  in the Name of Love

Students usually come to us to help them solve some specific problem;
unaware that the problem they seek to solve, even if very painful or very serious is, in truth, simply a symptom.

If we encourage that misunderstanding by focusing too much on giving them what they want,
without teaching them how to discover the truth of what they really need...

We run the risk of selling them short by simply improving their current condition,
when there's a decent chance we could be helping them improve their entire life.

Life, itself, is rich, complex and way beyond challenging.
So much so that our to do list grows larger and larger the more we manage to get things done.

You could say that our job as teachers is not so much to help our students achieve the ends they seek,
no matter how desirable those things might be...

But rather to act as Cupids of Consciousness,
firing tiny Arrows of Awareness causing them to
fall hopelessly in love with the beauteous MeansWhereby.

Mio Morales, 2022

 2020 04 14 Eingang ZAT


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2020 kathedrale ZAT

It is a wise mind
that knows its own body; it is a wise
body that knows its
own mind, and
together they make
a most satisfactory
state to be in and
live with.

Sophia Delza

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